Unique feature

Did your day starts with read a PBX error log?
Digital trunk RAI reception, Data Link failure, Digital trunk out of sync, AC power down, AIS reception...
There are many errors, which immediate response requires.
Since version 0.5 eSMDR can resolve this problem. Be always on the alert! 
SMDR Reader & Parser. Supports RS-232 and TCP connection for most PBX. For Panasonic KX-TDE/NCP series supports password protected connection.
Works as a service or a console application. File, TCP and ODBC output.
Determines an important calls and PBX errors, sends email or SMS notifications or run external program.
New! User-friendly web-interface, including Remote Web Console, viewer for raw and CSV log files.
Requires Windows 2003/XP or newer.
Free for the end user. However, distribution without permission is strictly prohibited.

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