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Version History

Version 1.1
Added an email/SMS notification at receipt call
Creating a CSV-filtered logs
The possibility of periodic mailing logs
Support DD/MM and MM/DD date format
Manage Windows Log Level
Some bugs fixed

Version 1.0

Added support for PBX LG LDK/iPECS LIK/iPECS MG
Improved parsing logs
Added the ability to use computer time instead of the PBX time
The ability to receive SMDR on tcp/ip without authorization
Added the TCP server mode.

Version 0.9

Added the possibility to a CSV format logging
Improved import files - is now home of the eSMDR!
•Fixed incompatibility with web-kit browsers;
added ability to download logs;
added log viewer for text and CSV;
integration with Google and GlobalPhoneBook services.

Version 0.8

FixedAmerican date/time format parse
IP SMDR Connection Recovery after the intrusion of external programs
Watchlog feature added
Experimental web interface added

Version 0.7
Improved compatibility with SMS-gateways
Executing external commands on PBX error

Version 0.6

Added detection of DID-numbers.
Added ability to stop the error processing (parameter stop sections ALARM).
Improved support for non-English characters in email messages.

Version 0.5

Added support for RTS and XON/XOFF control compatible PBX.
Added the ability to email notifications on PBX error.

Version 0.4

Some bugs fixed.
Changed format of the parameters for output via ODBC
Optimized for MSSQL, MYSQL
Maximum compatibility mode allows to use other servers now.

Version 0.3
Added ability to parse logs and store them in a database via ODBC.

Version 0.2
Added the ability to record multiple log files simultaneously.
Added the ability to transfer SMDR over TCP.
Added possibility to load SMDR from the file

Version 0.1
The first release.